Izakaya is Houston’s first high-end Japanese gastropub. Developed by the Azuma Group (Azuma restaurants, Kata Robata, and Soma) and located in the growing Midtown neighborhood, our restaurant is a take on a modern-day izakaya, where drinks are as important as the food. We stand apart from other Japanese restaurants in the group by introducing global cuisine to the mix without the focus of sushi and sashimi. Modeled after a traditional Japanese drinking establishment but updated to reflect today’s global palate, “Izakaya” translates directly to “sake house with small plates.” Found all across Japan, it’s a gathering place for locals to take their time and enjoy each other’s company. Much of the stylistic details of our restaurant were imported from Japan, while the artwork and design were done by locals, making Izakaya more sophisticated than your working stiff’s pub. Its unique atmosphere is modern Japanese elegance and offers a chance to truly have a dining experience; savor each bite of carefully balanced flavor and craft cocktails.

Over the past few years, Houston has become increasingly known for its diversity. Our food is no exception. Culinary ingenuity overflows here; mixing Italian ingredients with Japanese techniques and Spanish flavors in a French style. Houston menus have become limitless, and our menu breaks boundaries every day. Izakaya embraces and is empowered by the creativity we are allowed in today’s culinary world. Serving food tapas-style, the smaller portions allow you to order multiple dishes to share, taking advantage of flavors that excite, comfort, and inspire all at the same time.

*Izakaya uses fresh and custom-made ramen noodles from Sun Noodle out of Honolulu and we proudly source our dumpling and ramen ingredients from Black Hill Ranch and The Texas Rancher’s Network.