kyoto matcha ipa beer
Kyoto Matcha IPA Beer
April 19, 2019
The Sweetest Fruits Book Event with Monique Truong – Reading & Signing
September 3, 2019

Back by popular demand!

Today’s daily special is Izakaya’s Crispy Salmon Wonton.

Izakaya crispy salmon wonton

Every time this was on our Tonight’s Specials menu, we sold out quickly. Added back to this menu for a limited time, we suggest you come in before we will have to 86 it  (that’s restaurant terminology for being out of that menu item) again.

Chef Cyrus Caclini of Izakaya Midtown

Nice and crispy on the outside, and bursting with flavor inside, it’s a party in your mouth with each bite. It’s so good that while StarChefs were at Izakaya catching up with Cyrus Caclini, we had to share our new fan favorite. took some great photos and shared the love on their site. stopped by to meet our very own Chef Cyrus Caclini, to try it out and took some great pictures to post to their website.

Izakaya’s Crispy Salmon Wonton Ingredients:  kimchi mayo, thai chili, bell pepper, onion.

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